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DK: Immunofarvet snit af rotte testikkel. Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet | EN: Immunostained section of rat testicle. Photo: National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
23 NOV

Associate professor at the DTU National Food Institute is awarded DTU’s PhD supervisor...

Associate Professor and Head of Research Group Terje Svingen from the DTU National Food Institute has been awarded PhD supervisor of the year 2022 at DTU. The prize was...

22 NOV

Antibiotic resistance in animals and meat is generally stable

The occurrence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria from food-producing animals and meat in Denmark was stable or decreasing in 2021. However, a few notable findings of...

Food safety
DK: Agarplade (antibiotikaresistens). Foto:  Mikkel Adsbøl | EN: agar plate (antibiotic resistance). Photo:  Mikkel Adsbøl
15 NOV

The consumption of antibiotics in animal production continues to fall

The reduction in antibiotic consumption in animals was particularly marked in 2021. Partly because of the two tonnes that are no longer used for mink, and partly because...

Plantebaseret varm ret. Foto:
10 NOV

Cooperation platform within the development of plant-based foods

Plant2food is a new collaborative platform, DTU National Food Institute is part of, where researchers and companies will collaborate in exploring complex challenges within...

08 NOV

Presentations from the conference: Healthy, Safe, and Sustainable Foods of the...

300 researchers, students, food businesses and industry organizations were gathered for the conference Healthy, Safe and Sustainable foods of the future on 13 October 2022...

Nutrition and dietary habits
02 NOV

Students earn bronze in competition on future food

The development of a healthy, sustainable to-go snack based on fava beans has rewarded students from the DTU with a bronze award in the final of the European competition...

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01 NOV

Come to a seminar on antimicrobial use and resistance

See what the day has to offer when Statens Serum Institute and the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, hold a seminar on antimicrobial use and resistance...

Food safety
28 OCT

Workshop: Using data to optimize food processing

DTU National Food Institute invites to an exclusive workshop on 21 November 2022 for the food industry. At the workshop, you will explore how to use data to optimize your...

Lactococcus lactis. Foto: Ramona Valentina Mateiu
20 OCT

The impact of lactic acid bacteria on flavor in cheese production

Taste & flavour, upcycling and sustainable processing was on the agenda at the Digital Uni Food Day 2022 organized by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark 30 August 2022. Several...

Food technology
Bakterier på agarplade
12 OCT

Researchers build a 'Wikipedia’ for resistant bacteria

According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to public health. DTU researchers have created a new tool in the fight against resistant bacteria...

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