Risk assessments

15 JAN

Online calculator can predict mixture effects of chemicals

An online tool developed at the Technical University of Denmark can assess the risk of a mixture effect occurring when people are exposed simultaneously to several chemicals...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Health and diseases
08 JAN

A healthy and sustainable diet should also be safe to eat

The UN has published a set of guiding principles for the composition of a diet that is both healthy and sustainable. The National Food Institute, Technical University...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Nutrition and dietary habits
11 DEC

DTU’s part in assessing the safety of the world’s first Ebola vaccine

The world got its first commercial vaccine against Ebola in November 2019. The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), has played a part in assessing...

Genes and genomes Health and diseases
25 NOV

Foods we can trust

Foods may contain substances that can have a harmful effect on our health. The National Food Institute assesses risks that can be found in the entire ‘from farm to fork...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
28 MAR

Drawing inspiration from One Health surveillance initiatives

A new catalogue describes experiences of collaboration across sectors in the surveillance of zoonotic bacteria from ten countries. This creates an opportunity for other...

Food, fish and agriculture Bacteria and microorganisms Food safety
31 JAN

Join a conference on food safety and whole genome sequencing

An international conference will be held on 26-28 March 2019 in Paris with a focus on how the use of whole genome sequencing can increase food safety, help prevent disease...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Bacteria and microorganisms Genes and genomes
13 DEC

The world comes to DTU to learn more about food safety

Students from all over the world have learned about the Danish way of securing a high level of food safety during a DANIDA-financed stay at the National Food Institute...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
11 NOV

Flowers in food are popular, but safety data is limited

A study of 23 flowers used in cooking shows a lack of chemical and toxicological data, which makes it impossible to set a limit for safe consumption, according to the...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
04 JUL

Special topic portal on risk-benefit assessments of food

A new special topic portal showcases the National Food Institute’s research within the area of risk-benefit assessments of food’s beneficial and harmful health effects...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Health-promoting compounds Health and diseases
26 MAR

Food safety cooperation between Denmark and Japan

A new Memorandum of Cooperation between DTU and the Food Safety Commission of Japan will strengthen Denmark and Japan’s scientific cooperation in the area of food safety...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
20 JANUARY 2020