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Kim Birnie-Gauvin with an 83 cm large sea trout—ready to be released in Villestrup Å stream after being tagged. Photo Jessica Desforges
30 NOV

PhD thesis of the year proves value of removing creek barriers

Kim Birnie-Gauvin from DTU Aqua received the PhD thesis of the Year Award at the annual PhD reception. Six other PhD graduates and the PhD supervisor of the year were also...

Grønt proteinpulver fra lucerne. Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
12 NOV

Protein from green biomass without the taste of cowshed

Researchers from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, have developed the technique and purchased the equipment that allows them to produce sustainable...

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Coronavirus. Image:
05 NOV

New guide to calculating the burden of disease of COVID-19

The European Burden of Disease Network, which includes researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, has developed a protocol for calculating the disease burden...

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Plantebaserede pølser uden skind. Image: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
22 OCT

Research will give skinless vegan sausages a snap

Researchers at DTU have helped come up with a recipe for plant-based skinless sausages. Work is now continuing in the lab to alter the chemistry of the ingredients in order...

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08 OCT

Increased monitoring of multiresistant CPO-bacteria in Denmark

In 2019, the Danish Health Authority added multiresistant carbapenemase-producing bacteria (also called CPO) to their list of notifiable bacteria. While CPO in humans is...

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06 OCT

In the past ten years, antimicrobial use has decreased in Danish pigs, increased...

In 2019, Danish pig producers reached the target for reduction of antimicrobial usage set by the MRSA action plan. In contrast, antimicrobial use in calves has increased...

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22 SEP

”New” lactic acid bacteria can make African camel milk safe

A research project headed by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, has come up with the formula for a freeze-dried starter culture that African camel milk farmers can...

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Foto: Joachim Rode
18 SEP

Wastewater offers important source of knowledge about resistance

Wastewater analysis can detect the spread of resistant bacteria and can be used for global monitoring of the problem.    

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Plate with antibiotic bacterias. DYNAMO no. 62
18 SEP

Denmark leading fight against resistance

DTU Food’s professional expertise in antimicrobial resistance is internationally recognized. Most recently, the department has been designated as a new reference...

Food safety
Sorte peberkorn.
17 SEP

Analytical methods from DTU can detect food fraud

Food fraud is a widespread global problem and as such, there is a need for good methods to determine that foods are what the labels state. Researchers at the Technical...

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Foto: Bax Lindhardt
09 SEP

DTU ranked number two in research world ranking

In the new World University Research Rankings 2020 which focuses on three core areas of university research, DTU ranks second in the world and number one in Europe.

09 SEP

More chemicals can be assessed for endocrine disrupting effects

A European guidance document aimed at identifying endocrine disrupting pesticides can—with some modifications—be used to assess other chemicals’ endocrine...

Health and diseases
Campylobacter. Foto: CDC/ Dr. Patricia Fields, Dr. Collette Fitzgerald
02 SEP

Significantly more Danes infected with campylobacter in 2019

In 2019, the number of registered campylobacter infections increased by almost a fifth and studies show that many of the campylobacter outbreaks recorded that year were...

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Coronavirus stamtræ
10 AUG

Detecting emerging disease outbreaks through monitoring

A new European research collaboration aims to increase the chances of detecting emerging infectious disease outbreaks. Researchers from the National Food Institute, Technical...

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10 JUL

DTU Food in joint venture with Arla and ALK to prevent and treat allergies

There is currently no ideal way to prevent or treat food allergy, which is a daily problem for millions of people all over the world. In the project ALLEVIATE, the National...

Dyrefoder. Billede:
07 JUL

New method to determine inorganic arsenic in feedingstuffs

A new European standard method to determine the content of inorganic arsenic in animal feedingstuffs has been developed at the National Food Institute, Technical University...

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Beerchos chips.
24 JUN

Turning by-products from beer brewing into chips and dip

A team of beer enthusiasts at DTU dream of brewing the world’s most circular beer. Part of the answer is to turn by-products from the brewing process into chips and...

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10 JUN

New knowledge could lead to improved hypoallergenic infant formulas

Heat-treatment of cow’s milk proteins for use in infant formula reduces the proteins’ ability to induce an allergic reaction without altering their ability...

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Photo supplied with courtesy of Chr. Hansen
09 JUN

DTU Food collaborates with Chr. Hansen to strengthen probiotics’ longevity

National Food Institute from DTU has teamed up with Danish bioscience company Chr. Hansen to develop a thin coating membrane of sugar molecules that can preserve probiotic...

03 JUN

DTU contributes to new master lists of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the EU

The relevant authorities in five European countries have published master lists of identified and potential of endocrine disruptors. Researchers from the National Food...

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