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17 OCT

The golden opportunity of beer for increased sustainability

DTU Brewery brews beer in new ways for the benefit of the environment, and—among other things—has examined how you can skip the malting process by adding enzymes and thus...

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15 OCT

The unborn child must be better protected from chemical cocktails

Even small doses of a chemical substance can be harmful when it occurs in combination with other substances. Knowledge about the cocktail effect is pivotal when legislators...

Health and diseases
10 OCT

At the forefront of healthy, safe, and sustainable food

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, prevents disease and promotes health, develops new and better food products for a growing population, and...

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09 OCT

Stable occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in animals and meat

The occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in food-producing animals and meat in Denmark is relatively stable, according to the annual DANMAP report.

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07 OCT

Denmark continues to have many foodborne infections and outbreaks

The 64 reported foodborne disease outbreaks in 2018 included two rare and serious outbreaks, according to the annual report on the incidence of foodborne diseases in...

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25 SEP

Prudent use of antimicrobials in Danish animals continues

The use of antimicrobials in animals has been declining for five consecutive years. This is one of the findings of the annual DANMAP report for 2018. Particularly significant...

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20 SEP

Tech conference on digitization and green solutions

DTU is hosting the DTU High Tech Summit  – the largest university-driven tech conference in the Nordic region, focusing this year on digitization and sustainable solutions...

17 SEP

Wanted: Tips on how to reduce the intake of sweet treats

Danes are world record holders when it comes to eating sweets, which has an impact on children's health. In a new project, the National Food Institute, Technical University...

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Foto: Mikal Schlosser
27 AUG

Meeting sustainable development goals requires research and innovation

On 21 August, 86 Danish ambassadors went on a study trip to DTU to learn more about the Danish strengths within research and innovation.


News from the National Food Institute
21 OCTOBER 2019