Businesses collaborating with researchers

Each year, the National Food Institute enters into approximately 60 collaborative research agreements (co-financed) and a further 60 innovation and development contracts, mainly with private businesses.

The institute’s research isinternationally recognized and the institute’s researchers have large networks in both Danish and international scientific environments.

Companies that enter into a collaboration with the National Food Institute gain access to a vast knowledge base and a knowledge environment. Collaborations are funded in different ways: Partly through direct financing from businesses and partly through public financing—e.g. with funds from the Danish government or the European Union.

Does your company or organization need help in developing new products or optimizing production, or are you considering having a scientific study or measurement done? If so, enter into a collaboration with the National Food Institute’s researchers and gain access to research-based, innovative solutions.

What your company benefits from a research collaboration with the National Food Institute:

  • help with developing new, high-tech products
  • help with optimizing production and utilizing your company’s resources
  • technical advice giving, measurements or analyses
  • access to state-of-the-art research findings in the field of technical science
  • increased company growth and innovation.

Business consulting

The National Food Institute responds to short, concrete inquiries from businesses and organizations.

Interested in working together?

If your company is interested in working with the National Food Institute, please contact Head of Research Group Peter Ruhdal Jensen.

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Peter Ruhdal Jensen

Peter Ruhdal Jensen Professor, Head of Research Group