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29 JUN

Warmer climates can lead to new diseases that infect humans through mosquitoes

New research has mapped the risk of five mosquito-borne diseases that could potentially lead to epidemics. It is one of the topics you can read about in the Annual Report...

Food safety
Sunde fødevarer
25 APR

Universities and companies are creating the food of the future

Several Danish universities and companies have joined forces to create a common high-tech laboratory platform - FOODHAY. Through new research infrastructure, FOODHAY will...

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DK: Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis. Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet | UK: Bifidobacterium longum subspecies infantis. Photo: National Food Institute
23 OCT

Gut microbes may help explain benefits of breastfeeding

Danish researchers have shown how gut bacteria, which are promoted by breastfeeding, may benefit the immune system in infants.

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07 OCT

Critically important antimicrobials no longer used in livestock

The Danish cattle industry no longer uses third- and fourth-generation cephalosporins. As a result, these substances are no longer used in the production of Danish food...

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Photo: Mikkel Adsbøl
30 JUN

Corona restrictions lead to fewer cases of foodborne illness

In 2020, far fewer Danes than usual were diagnosed with a foodborne illness. The sharp reduction in travel during the corona epidemic was the main reason for this decrease...

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases
Tang fra Grønland. Foto: Katharina Johanna Kreissig, DTU Fødevareinstituttet
10 JUN

Greenlandic seaweed, a sustainable alternative to imported greens

Seaweed grown in Greenland is a safe, healthy and sustainable food source that could replace up to 20% of the country’s import of vegetables, according to a study from...

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases
Rejerestprodukter. Foto: Launis
12 APR

Turning shrimp side streams into an income

Researchers and industry representatives have set out to find a profitable and environmentally friendly way to extract valuable substances such as flavours, calcium and...

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Pandestegt kylling. Foto:
02 DEC

Survey of Danes’ dietary and physical activity habits has been launched

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, has launched the next Danish National Survey of Diet and Physical Activity. Researchers and authorities...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
08 OCT

Increased monitoring of multiresistant CPO-bacteria in Denmark

In 2019, the Danish Health Authority added multiresistant carbapenemase-producing bacteria (also called CPO) to their list of notifiable bacteria. While CPO in humans...

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06 OCT

In the past ten years, antimicrobial use has decreased in Danish pigs, increased...

In 2019, Danish pig producers reached the target for reduction of antimicrobial usage set by the MRSA action plan. In contrast, antimicrobial use in calves has increased...

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