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08 SEP

Join the conference: Risk Assessments and their Significance

The programme is now ready for the conference on risk assessments and their significance the 23 September 2022. The conference is organized by the DTU National Food Institute...

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Bælgfrugter. Foto:
26 JUL

A student’s perspective: Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production

Hear what student Charlotte Ruby has to say about the Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production. You can now sign up for the entire programme or individual courses...

27 APR

Summer and evening courses at DTU for budding entrepreneurs

Learn how to develop a business plan for an innovative food product or a new technology when DTU once again runs a course on entrepreneurship in food. In the 2020 autumn...

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Professor Dang Duong Bang og professor Anders Wolff
25 MAR

Devices for rapid diagnosis of coronavirus under development

DTU and Statens Serum Institut are developing three new and rapid instruments for on-site diagnosis of coronavirus. Two of them are scheduled to be ready for emergency...

Fisk. Foto:
03 MAR

Model generates personalized dietary advice for optimal fish intake

A computer model from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, generates personalized dietary advice on how much fish a person needs to eat in order...

31 OCT

Nine ”new” endocrine disrupting chemicals identified

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Southern Denmark have established that there is solid scientific evidence that nine ”new” chemical...

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Photo: DTU Fødevareinstituttet. Vævsprøve fra bugspytkirtel / Tissue sample from pancreas
02 JUL

Mixture of pesticides causes lower birth weight in rats

Pregnant rats that are given a mixture of pesticides at doses that individually are not harmful, risk having offspring with lower birth weight, studies from DTU show...

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Image: DTU Fødevareinstituttet
27 JUN

UCPH and DTU pave the way for more collaboration on food research

DTU and UCPH have mapped their strengths in research into healthy and sustainable foods, which they, together with companies, can use to solve the complex challenges facing...

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31 OCT

Celebrating the PhD graduates of 2017

Researcher Jianming Liu from the National Food Institute received a Young Researcher Award for his recently completed thesis, when some 170 PhD graduates attended the...

DK: Agarplade (antibiotikaresistens). Foto:  Mikkel Adsbøl | EN: agar plate (antibiotic resistance). Photo:  Mikkel Adsbøl
09 AUG

Special topic portal highlights fight against antimicrobial resistance

Denmark's experience in reducing antimicrobial consumption and resistance over the past 20 years is often highlighted as a good example around the world. The National...

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