Sustainable development

Plantebaseret varm ret. Foto:
10 NOV

Cooperation platform within the development of plant-based foods

Plant2food is a new collaborative platform, DTU National Food Institute is part of, where researchers and companies will collaborate in exploring complex challenges within...

08 NOV

Presentations from the conference: Healthy, Safe, and Sustainable Foods of the...

300 researchers, students, food businesses and industry organizations were gathered for the conference Healthy, Safe and Sustainable foods of the future on 13 October 2022...

Nutrition and dietary habits
Lactococcus lactis. Foto: Ramona Valentina Mateiu
20 OCT

The impact of lactic acid bacteria on flavor in cheese production

Taste & flavour, upcycling and sustainable processing was on the agenda at the Digital Uni Food Day 2022 organized by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark 30 August 2022. Several...

Food technology
30 SEP

Startup food businesses: Join a Future Food Fair

Do you have a startup food business? Then you are invited to participate with a stand at the DTU National Food Institute's conference on Healthy, Safe and Sustainable food...

Food technology
Yoghurt på ske
15 SEP

New lactic acid bacteria create natural sweetness in yogurt

Researchers at DTU have developed a yoghurt bacterium, which can cleave lactose in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. This makes it possible to create natural sweetness...

Food technology Food production
Tang fra Grønland. Foto: Katharina Johanna Kreissig, DTU Fødevareinstituttet
10 JUN

Greenlandic seaweed, a sustainable alternative to imported greens

Seaweed grown in Greenland is a safe, healthy and sustainable food source that could replace up to 20% of the country’s import of vegetables, according to a study from...

Food, fish and agriculture Health and diseases
Hullet ost. / Ron Sumners
27 APR

Lactic acid bacteria can extend the shelf life of foods

Researchers at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, have generated a lactic acid bacterium that efficiently secretes a food-grade preservative...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food technology
Bælgfrugter. Foto:
22 APR

New Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production

DTU and the University of Copenhagen are launching a joint Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production in early 2022. The programme will provide insight into the complex...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
Rejerestprodukter. Foto: Launis
12 APR

Turning shrimp side streams into an income

Researchers and industry representatives have set out to find a profitable and environmentally friendly way to extract valuable substances such as flavours, calcium and...

Food, fish and agriculture Food production
Blæretang. Foto:
25 FEB

Special topic portal on sustainable development of foods

A new special topic portal showcases the many ways in which the National Food Institute works to create sustainable technological solutions in the area of food.

Food, fish and agriculture Food production Food technology

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