Scientific Advice

In Denmark, there is a long-standing tradition that the authorities, including the relevant ministries, base their decision-making on research and specialist knowledge.

The National Food Institute is responsible for a large part of the research-based public sector consultancy within nutrition, food quality, food safety and environment and health in Denmark where the Institute provides consulting services to, in particular, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Our public sector consultancy covers both science-based material, advisory services and research assignments, monitoring and surveillance of dietary habits and food safety in Denmark as well as diagnostic and analytical food examination. The National Food Institute is furthermore an important part of the national food safety contingency plan.

The National Food Institute provides scientific advice to a number of international authorities and organisations. The Institute contributes extensively to the work in the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, and advisory services to, among others, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, the World Health Organization, WHO, and the European Medicines Agency, EMA. The Institute also collaborates with research institutions in other countries on risk assessment within food and environment.

The National Food Institute is a national reference laboratory for chemical and microbiological food contamination as well as an international reference laboratory for the EU and the WHO in a number of areas.


Scientific advice from the National Food Institute is based on research at the highest international level on topics related to food quality and food impact on health and disease.

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