Kemisk fødevareanalyse
Works to provide trust and transparancy in the food chain by developing solustions for the future chemical food control
Bioaktive stoffer - analyse g anvendelse
Produces knowledge that can improve food quality and the oxidation stability of food as well as increase intake of healthy foods
Aims to develop new and improved strategies for the prevention, management and treatment of food allergy
Fødevaremokrobiologi og hygiejne
Solving challenges in the food industry that are related to productivity and use of resources
Provides new cutting-egde knowledge of principles of industrial food processing and creation of novel technologies within this field
Aims to predict and prevent infectious diseases in humans and animals and supporting global detection and control especially on antimicrobial resistance
Works to strengthen the ability and increase the quality of the global monitoring of antimicrobial resistance.
Anders Meyer Torp
Studies effects of diet and dietary components on the microbial population of the gut and derived effetcs on the host health and immune system
Improves the efficiency and quality of brewery and dairy production processes and utilizes industrial side streams in the production
Molekylær- og reproduktionsteknologi
Studies how chemicals from foods and the environment can affect hormone-dependent developmental processes and cause diseases
Ernæring og sundhedsfremme
Conducts population serveys that identify societal challenges in relation to Dane's diet and lifestyle habits
Develops models within quantitative health assessments to be used in risk-benefit assessments, risk and benefit ranking, and burden of disease studies

10 APRIL 2021