Antimicrobial resistance

22 NOV

Antibiotic resistance in animals and meat is generally stable

The occurrence of antibiotic resistance in bacteria from food-producing animals and meat in Denmark was stable or decreasing in 2021. However, a few notable findings of...

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DK: Agarplade (antibiotikaresistens). Foto:  Mikkel Adsbøl | EN: agar plate (antibiotic resistance). Photo:  Mikkel Adsbøl
15 NOV

The consumption of antibiotics in animal production continues to fall

The reduction in antibiotic consumption in animals was particularly marked in 2021. Partly because of the two tonnes that are no longer used for mink, and partly because...

01 NOV

Come to a seminar on antimicrobial use and resistance

See what the day has to offer when Statens Serum Institute and the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, hold a seminar on antimicrobial use and resistance...

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Bakterier på agarplade
12 OCT

Researchers build a 'Wikipedia’ for resistant bacteria

According to the WHO, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to public health. DTU researchers have created a new tool in the fight against resistant bacteria...

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Image: Human DNA. Philippe Plailly, Science Photo Library, Scanpix
05 SEP

Tanzania gains access to life-saving equipment

Through a DTU project, healthcare professionals in Tanzania have been given a new weapon: Advanced equipment that can be used, even in the most primitive conditions, to...

07 OCT

Critically important antimicrobials no longer used in livestock

The Danish cattle industry no longer uses third- and fourth-generation cephalosporins. As a result, these substances are no longer used in the production of Danish food...

Food, fish and agriculture Production animals
08 OCT

Increased monitoring of multiresistant CPO-bacteria in Denmark

In 2019, the Danish Health Authority added multiresistant carbapenemase-producing bacteria (also called CPO) to their list of notifiable bacteria. While CPO in humans...

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06 OCT

In the past ten years, antimicrobial use has decreased in Danish pigs, increased...

In 2019, Danish pig producers reached the target for reduction of antimicrobial usage set by the MRSA action plan. In contrast, antimicrobial use in calves has increased...

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05 MAR

DTU helps boost resistance surveillance in Africa and Asia

In three new projects, the Technical University of Denmark, is helping African countries to implement whole genome sequencing and assisting the Asian region in getting...

Bacteria and microorganisms Genes and genomes Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
04 MAR

Summer course with a focus on how One Health promotes a healthier world

A summer course in Denmark will give students from all over the world the opportunity to learn how the One Health concept can tackle challenges related to the health of...

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