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Next Generation East African Innovators. From left: Harriet Anyango from the project Tripple P, Regional Director, WFP East Africa, and Marianne Thellersen, Senior Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at DTU.
15 SEP

Danish-African partnership strengthens food innovation

East African entrepreneurs will develop projects and prototypes in collaboration with DTU students, researchers, and startups.

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Inaugural lecture
05 JUL

Invitation to Professor Jens Jørgen Sloth’s inaugural lecture

Come to an inaugural lecture and hear how research can improve methods for analyzing foods to determine their content of chemicals, which can either benefit or harm human...

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Stenbiderrogn. Foto: Jørgen Flemming.
27 MAY

Mathematical model developed to prevent botulism

Food producers can use a mathematical model developed at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, to ensure their products do not cause botulism. It...

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Bælgfrugter. Foto:
22 APR

New Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production

DTU and the University of Copenhagen are launching a joint Master of Sustainable and Safe Food Production in early 2022. The programme will provide insight into the complex...

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Sædcelle trænger ind i æg. Foto:
14 JAN

Towards new methods for replacing animal testing

A novel alternative approach that can identify chemicals, which affect male reproductive health without the use of animal tests has been developed in a research project...

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06 OCT

In the past ten years, antimicrobial use has decreased in Danish pigs, increased...

In 2019, Danish pig producers reached the target for reduction of antimicrobial usage set by the MRSA action plan. In contrast, antimicrobial use in calves has increased...

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22 SEP

”New” lactic acid bacteria can make African camel milk safe

A research project headed by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, has come up with the formula for a freeze-dried starter culture that African camel milk farmers can...

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Plate with antibiotic bacterias. DYNAMO no. 62
18 SEP

Denmark leading fight against resistance

DTU Food’s professional expertise in antimicrobial resistance is internationally recognized. Most recently, the department has been designated as a new reference...

Food safety
Sorte peberkorn.
17 SEP

Analytical methods from DTU can detect food fraud

Food fraud is a widespread global problem and as such, there is a need for good methods to determine that foods are what the labels state. Researchers at the Technical...

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Campylobacter. Foto: CDC/ Dr. Patricia Fields, Dr. Collette Fitzgerald
02 SEP

Significantly more Danes infected with campylobacter in 2019

In 2019, the number of registered campylobacter infections increased by almost a fifth and studies show that many of the campylobacter outbreaks recorded that year were...

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