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29 JUN

Warmer climates can lead to new diseases that infect humans through mosquitoes

New research has mapped the risk of five mosquito-borne diseases that could potentially lead to epidemics. It is one of the topics you can read about in the Annual Report...

Food safety
28 JUN

Endocrine disruptors should not only be assessed individually

Six chemical substances possess endocrine disrupting effects - and especially combination effects when they are assessed together. Force Technology, DHI and researchers...

Food safety
23 JUN

Participate in Digital Uni Food Day 2022

Food & Bio Cluster Denmark invites you to join the Digital Uni Food Day 30 August 2022. Focus will be on current challenges in the food industry, new knowledge and technology...

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Havregryn. Foto: Colourbox
16 JUN

Whole grains play an important role in a healthy and plant-rich diet

That whole-grain products are an important part of a healthy, sustainable and plant-rich diet is shown by a scientific assessment prepared by DTU National Food Institute...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
Grøn plante. Foto: Colourbox | Green plant. Photo: Colourbox
07 JUN

Meeting in the collaboration for sustainable Agrifood Systems

Development of future solutions for the green transition in agricultural and food systems is on the agenda at a meeting in the interdisciplinary research community START...

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Fermentor / Foto: Mikal Schlosser
01 JUN

Sustainable foods of tomorrow must provide culinary experiences

Claus Meyer is taking up a position as affiliated professor at DTU to assist with the ongoing research into sustainable food to ensure that it is both healthy and tasty...

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Bælgfrugter. Foto:
11 MAY

Webinar and presentations about healthy and climate-friendly diets

On 2 May, more than 100 people attended a webinar on healthy and climate-friendly diets, where they learned about sustainable food systems, dietary guidelines and much...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
Sunde fødevarer
25 APR

Universities and companies are creating the food of the future

Several Danish universities and companies have joined forces to create a common high-tech laboratory platform - FOODHAY. Through new research infrastructure, FOODHAY will...

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Bælgfrugter. Foto:
25 APR

Participate in a webinar on healthy and climate-friendly diets

The full programme is now ready for a webinar on what we can do to promote a healthy and climate-friendly diet. Come and hear at a webinar on 2 May at 9-12, which the...

Food, fish and agriculture Nutrition and dietary habits
08 APR

Presentations about how novel food gets approved

On 24 March, 45 people from companies and other interested parties were gathered to a theme day on novel food where they learned about when a new food is novel food, how...

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