Bioactives - Analysis and Application

The Research Group for Bioactives - Analysis and Application produces knowledge that can improve food quality and the oxidation stability of food, as well as increase the population's intake of healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, healthy lipids and proteins. The group's research is also used to develop ingredients from previously unused resources.

The ambition of the group is to obtain knowledge and develop technologies and processes, which can contribute to:

  • improving the eating quality and oxidative stability of food
  • increasing the population’s intake of healthy foods, which are rich in vitamins, healthy lipids and proteins/peptides

These goals will be achieved by generating new groundbreaking knowledge about the biological activity of vitamins and the mechanisms behind protein and lipid oxidation in foods and by developing new strategies to optimize the stability of vitamins, lipids and proteins and the eating quality of foods.

The group will also perform research to optimize the content of bioactive compounds in algae biomass and will develop innovative technologies, which can secure the exploitation of new resources, particularly from waste products from the fish industry and from seaweed and micro algae. These technologies include harvesting, extraction, up concentration and fractionation of bioactive compounds, which can be applied in the food, feed and skin care industries.


Charlotte Jacobsen

Charlotte Jacobsen Professor, Head of Research Group Mobile: +45 23279075