Analytical Food Chemistry

The Research Group for Analytical Food Chemistry works to provide trust and transparency in the food chain by developing solutions for the future chemical food control, which can detect risks, document quality and uncover fraud in food, food production and new ingredients.

The ambition of the research group is to combine detailed, but often complex, chemical analyses based on mass spectrometry with the latest exponential technologies and informatics to develop:

  • Efficient robust and scalable methods for food surveillance, monitoring and control
  • Screening analyses to discover emerging risks, fraud and prof of authenticity
  • An ambitious metabolomics platform to study mechanism and effects of chemicals in biological systems and on human

Current focus areas are development of methods to determine migration from food contact materials and the use of accurate mass spectrometry for food control, screening and for metabolomics.



Jens Jørgen Sloth

Jens Jørgen Sloth Professor, Head of Research Group Mobile: +45 93518857