Tarmbakterier og sundhed

Research Group for Gut, Microbes and Health

The core activity of the group is studies of effects of diet and dietary components on the microbial population of the gut and derived effects on the host health and immune system.  The group investigates how diet, food ingredients and food contaminations affect the composition and activity of the intestinal bacteria in children and adults. Additionally, the group is engaged in a number of projects that are focuses on strategies for how to alter and/or explore the potential of the gut microbiota to cure and/or prevent specific diseases.

In collaborations within microbiome research, the group typically contribute with sequencing-based analyses of the gut microbial community, cultivation-based experiments, designed gut microbiota in originally germ-free animals, and trials that elucidate the physiological state of intestinal bacteria in situ.


Tine Rask Licht
Professor, Head of Research Group
National Food Institute
+4535 88 71 86

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26 AUGUST 2019