At the forefront of healthy, safe and sustainable food

The National Food Institute researches and communicates sustainable and value-adding solutions in the areas of food and health for the benefit of society.

The institute’s tasks are carried out in a unique interdisciplinary cooperation between the disciplines of nutrition, chemistry, toxicology, microbiology, epidemiology and technology.

The institute’s vision is to make a difference by generating future prosperity through research into food and health. The institute:

  • prevents disease and promotes health
  • develops new and better food products for a growing population
  • creates sustainable technological solutions.
Research at the centre for the common good of society and industry

The National Food Institute:

  • solves, through research, some of the biggest societal challenges the world is facing

  • delivers state-of-the-art scientific advice to national and international public authorities and businesses

  • translates the Institute’s research results into innovation - value-creating solutions for businesses and authorities

  • teaches at all levels students for business, public authorities and research in the area of food technology, food safety and nutrition. 

The National Food Institute has databases with an extensive selection of unique data covering

Monitoring of zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance in the whole farm-to-fork chain

Nutrient content levels in Danish food – Danish Food Composition Databank

Danish consumers diet and nutrient intake

Predicted health impacts of chemical according to their structure – QSAR-database 

Assessment of plants, fungi and their constituents used in dietary supplements and herbal teas

All the chemically defined flavoring substances used in the EU


Christine Nellemann
Director of Institute
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 77 03
11 AUGUST 2020