The PhD school at DTU National Food Institute

The aim of the PhD school at the National Food Institute is to educate future researchers in the areas of food safety, microbiology, toxicology, chemistry, nutrition and dietetics as well as in various aspects of food technology. Also innovation within these areas is an integrated part of the PhD school’s scope.

Furthermore, it is the PhD school’s role to further and safeguard the professionalism of the institute’s PhD students by supporting them during their studies and ensuring a uniform and coordinated quality level.

The PhD programme is a 3-year training programme, structured in such a way that it trains future researchers in conducting research according to international standards. This enables them to contribute to the international research world with research cooperation and research findings. The PhD programme consists of a professional learning process during which the PhD students learn to conduct research through supervision.

The organisation of the PhD school

The school is run by a team consisting of the head of the PhD school, the management team, a member of the PhD committee and a person responsible for documentation.

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