Healthier food at work

Focus has shifted from considering health and healthy eating habits as mainly a private issue to looking at how to influence people’s surroundings in order to make it easier and more appealing for people to adopt healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.

For many years the National Food Institute’s research on workplaces and workplace canteens has focused primarily on increasing the accessibility of healthy and tasty food options.

The focal point of the institute’s research in this area has particularly been structural initiatives and ‘nudging’ strategies, which can have a big impact on a population’s health behavior.

Nudging is a paradigm that aims to influence human behavior by re-designing the basic structure, the environment and our perception of concrete situations of choice, so it will be easier to make the choices that strengthen our health, welfare and quality of life.


In addition to the Danish Food and Veterinary Administration, the National Food Institute has ongoing national and international cooperation with other universities and with interest groups such as trade unions and patient organizations.


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