Come attend evening classes in entrepreneurship at DTU

Wednesday 10 Jul 19


Timothy John Hobley
Associate Professor
National Food Institute
+45 45 25 27 06


Dorte Wiene
External associate professor
National Food Institute
+45 28 91 40 47
Entrepreneurship within the area of food is on the programme, when DTU launches evening courses as part of a new initiative in the autumn semester 2019.

Budding food entrepreneurs will be among the first to have the opportunity to attend evening teaching at DTU in the autumn semester 2019 as part of a new initiative.

The course, which is called ”23534 Entrepreneurship in Food and Bio Engineering”, gives the students knowledge of how to develop a business plan for an innovative food product or a new technology. During the course, they are introduced to a number of business cases from the food industry, and they will learn how to create a business plan for growth in a company. 

The course is being offered by the National Food Institute, which has run the course as a three-week long summer school for many years with great success. By offering the course outside of normal working hours, the institute hopes to make it more attractive to people who are employed by a company, but who want to gain a better understanding of bringing a new product to the market.

The offer of evening teaching will also make it easier for students from other universities to attend the course, regardless of when their other lectures are scheduled during the semester.

Learn from experienced people

Many of the presentations will be given by representatives from a number of different food companies—ranging from multinational corporations to start-ups and investment companies.

This gives the participants the opportunity to meet people who, by virtue of their own experience of running a business, can inspire and inform them about the process of starting their own business. At the same time, it may also be people from businesses and organizations, whom the participants might get to work for in the future.

The course will take place in the new building 202, where the canteen will stay open in the evening, so that students have the opportunity to get something to eat and drink.

Registration, time and ECTS

Find more information about the course on DTU’s website.

The course is taught in English and runs for 13 weeks on Tuesdays from 18-22 from 3 September. Five ECTS points will be awarded for completing the course.

Register for the course via DTU’s website before the 1 August 2019 registrations deadline.