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31 OCT

Celebrating the PhD graduates of 2017

Researcher Jianming Liu from the National Food Institute received a Young Researcher Award for his recently completed thesis, when some 170 PhD graduates attended the...

09 AUG

Special topic portal highlights fight against antimicrobial resistance

Denmark's experience in reducing antimicrobial consumption and resistance over the past 20 years is often highlighted as a good example around the world. The National...

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20 JUL

Danish expertise makes African camel milk safer

Danish expertise in milk production and food safety is being put to good use in a Danish development project, which aims to make African camel milk safer to drink and...

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13 JUN

Visit’s new special topic portals

Antimicrobial resistance, nutrition and dietary habits, chemical exposure, risk assessment and disease-causing microorganisms. These are the headings for five new special...

17 MAR

EFSA’s cooperation with Danish stakeholders in the area of food

Cooperation between European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, and Danish stakeholders in the area of food is on the agenda during EFSA Executive Director Bernhard Url’s visit...

Food, fish and agriculture
23 FEB

National Food Institute maintains its assessment of bisphenol A

After having examined the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA's new health assessment of bisphenol A, the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, maintains...

Food safety Health and diseases
09 OCT

New increase in antimicrobial use in animals in Denmark

Antimicrobial usage in animals in Denmark continued to increase in 2013 – mainly due to an increased use in pigs. However, antimicrobial use in pigs is still 12% lower...

Food safety
07 AUG

National Food Institute researcher reelected to EFSA panel top post

Senior researcher Alicja Mortensen at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark has been reelected as chairman of the Panel on Food Additives and Nutrient...

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21 JAN

New book: “Risk Management for Food Allergy”

This book includes practical advice and guidance to the food industry on how to manage food allergens in production and deliver safe foods to food allergic consumers. The...

Food safety
28 OCT

Conference on endocrine disrupters

National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark invites as co-organizer to a international conference on challenges and risk assessment of simultaneous influence...

Food safety Health and diseases Food, fish and agriculture
22 MAY 2018