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14 SEP

Novel way of identifying chemicals in paper and board packaging

A novel approach to identify problematic chemicals in food contact materials made from paper and board has been developed at the National Food Institute, Technical University...

Health and diseases Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
09 AUG

Monograph on ten veterinary drugs coming up

A toxicologist from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, has been appointed by the UN’s World Health Organization, WHO, to join a group of food...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
02 AUG

Learn about whole genome sequencing - for free

With just a few clicks of a mouse, students around the world can access a free online course on whole genome sequencing – an approach that allows a microorganism’s entire...

Food, fish and agriculture Genes and genomes
13 JUL

Risk benefit assessments on the agenda in Europe

A European expert network is going to further develop and promote the use of risk benefit assessment to determine whether a food is generally good or bad for people’s...

Food, fish and agriculture
06 JUL

Disease burden of congenital toxoplasmosis in Denmark quantified

Congenital toxoplasmosis – an infection passed on from mother to fetus – has a high disease burden per case. However, only a relatively small number of cases occur each...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
29 JUN

Campylobacter to blame for most foodborne infections in Denmark

Campylobacter is to blame for more than 4,600 foodborne infections in Denmark and is thus still the most common cause of foodborne disease. This is one of the findings...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
01 JUN

Global food safety on the agenda

Professionals from all over the world are gathered in Sweden and Denmark at a conference focusing on how the use of science and technology can enhance food safety globally...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
29 MAY

Great interest globally in online course on antimicrobial resistance

In just one year, more than 14,000 students from all over the world have learnt how bacteria develop and spread resistance and how to test bacteria for the presence of...

Food safety
23 MAY

LED lamps to provide better welfare in pig farms

LED lamps that give pigs an extra dose of vitamin D are being designed with the aim of reducing mortality in piglets and increasing welfare in sows during pregnancy...

Food, fish and agriculture Production animals Food production
19 MAY

“Beer is polytechnology”

DTU Brewery’s founder—Preben Bøje Hansen—is 61 and still busy developing the noble art of beer brewing.

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News from the National Food Institute