The consumption of antibiotics in animal production continues to fall

The reduction in antibiotic consumption in animals was particularly marked in 2021. Partly because of the two tonnes that are no longer used for mink, and partly because antibiotic consumption inpigs, poultry and fish was lower than in the previous year. This are some of the findings in this year’s DANMAP report from Statens Serum Institut and the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark.
The consumption of antibiotics in animal production continues...

Presentations from the conference: Healthy, Safe, and Sustainable Foods of the Future

300 researchers, students, food businesses and industry organizations were gathered for the conference Healthy, Safe and Sustainable foods of the future on 13 October 2022 organized by DTU National Food Institute. Presentations and recordings are now available for the morning session.
Presentations from the conference
Bakterier paa agarplade

Researchers build a 'Wikipedia’ for resistant bacteria

A new freely accessible tool creates an overview of resistant bacteria across countries, people and environments based on 214,000 microbiome samples.




New lactic acid bacteria make plant-based foods taste better

A new type of lactic acid bacteria, developed by researchers at DTU National Food Institute, can form natural butter flavor when grown in plant-based drinks such as soy and oat milk.


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