Large Danish food infrastructure collaboration bears fruit

Companies and research communities have achieved new standards of collaboration through the shared state-of-the-art laboratory center, FOODHAY, setting the stage for the development of cutting-edge knowledge and innovative solutions in the realm of future healthy and sustainable food.

DK: LC_Orbitrap_Mass_Spectrometer. Foto: Jesper Scheel | EN: LC_Orbitrap_Mass_Spectrometer. Photo: Jesper Scheel
The research infrastructure known as the Open Innovation FOOD & Health Laboratory, FOODHAY, is a significant Danish research infrastructure project, with a contribution of 51.5 million Danish Kroner from the Ministry of Education and Research. The consortium behind FOODHAY is matching this amount, resulting in a total investment of approximately 103 million Danish Kroner.

FOODHAY is a collaborative effort involving the research institutions Aarhus University, DTU (Technical University of Denmark), the University of Copenhagen, and the Danish Technological Institute. The more than 100 purchased research equipment are distributed among these institutions. Arla serves as a strategic partner, and both Food & Bio Cluster Denmark and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) actively contribute as representatives of Danish food companies.

In 2021 and 2022, FOODHAY recorded the following achievements:

  • 90 and 96 collaborations between FOODHAY partners and companies
  • 50 and 78 collaborations with researchers from Danish and international universities and other research institutions
  • 5 and 36 published articles
  • 5 and 30 conference presentations
  • 12 and 25 bachelor's and master's theses
  • 12 and 22 bachelor's and master's courses.