DK: Immunofarvet snit af rotte testikkel. Foto: DTU Fødevareinstituttet | EN: Immunostained section of rat testicle. Photo: National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

Associate professor at the DTU National Food Institute is awarded DTU’s PhD supervisor of the year

Wednesday 23 Nov 22


Terje Svingen
Associate Professor, Head of Research Group
DTU National Food Institute
+45 93 51 88 80
Associate Professor and Head of Research Group Terje Svingen from the DTU National Food Institute has been awarded PhD supervisor of the year 2022 at DTU. The prize was awarded at this year's PhD reception.

Every year, PhD candidates can nominate their supervisor for the PhD Supervisor of the Year award. This year it was awarded to associate professor Terje Svingen, DTU National Food Institute, who has successfully created a framework in which his PhD students can grow and develop. Not only on the professional level - from student to young scientist - but also on a personal level.

The prize was awarded at this year's PhD reception on Friday 18 November 2022.

In his speech, DTU's Senior Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs, Philip J. Binning, described Terje Svingen as a supervisor who gives extensive feedback and shares his network with the students. The students emphasize that Terje Svingen has empowered and encouraged them to find their own passion. He always supports his students' careers - especially internationally.

Terje Svingen og Phlip J. Binning Associate professor, DTU National Food Institute was awarded PhD Supervisor Of The Year by dean Philip J. Binning. Photo: Mikal Schlosser.

At the PhD reception, prizes were also awarded for the PhD thesis of the year and young researchers. Monica Kam Draskau from the DTU National Food Institute was one of six young researchers who received an award for her thesis: 'Deciphering mechanisms of male reproductive toxicity: How azole fungicides disrupt fetal development'.

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Read more about the Research Group for Molecular and Reproductive Toxicology, which Terje Svingen is head of, on the DTU National Food Institute's website.

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