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Tech conference on digitization and green solutions

Friday 20 Sep 19
by Tine Naja Berg


Mette Wier
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Management
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Industry 4.0 & Robotics

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things

Sustainable Energy, Environment & Climate

Business Inside Technology


For the Global Goals

DTU is hosting the DTU High Tech Summit  the largest university-driven tech conference in the Nordic region, focusing this year on digitization and sustainable solutions in the fields of climate, the environment, and energy.

On 30 October, the DTU Campus in Lyngby will be transformed into the largest Nordic high-tech conference, DTU High Tech Summit 2019. For two days, researchers from all over the world, 1,100 companies, 300 startups, and students will come together to debate and set the agenda for digital development. The conference is expected to attract up to 6,000 visitors.

“This year, our special focus is on how digitization and new technologies can help solve our climate and environmental problems. Digital technologies in the field of sustainable energy, climate adaptation of our cities, the development of a green internet, and greener transport are all areas that are essential to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,” says Mette Wier, who is head of DTU Management and professional responsible for DTU High Tech Summit 2019.

Most DTU departments will be participating in the conference, and students are welcome. The programme includes more than 300 presentations and key notes from leading experts from universities and the business world, who will be debating, providing inspiration, and giving their perspective on the digitization agenda.


One of the main speakers this year is David A. M. Wallerstein, Chief Exploration Officer and Senior Executive Vice President of the international tech corporation Tencent.  He will talk about how Denmark can leverage the internet and artificial intelligence to manage our energy consumption in a more sustainable way.


In the exhibition hall, 65 companies will be presenting examples of tangible advances in form of projects and innovation within digitization, big data, artificial intelligence, and much more.


DTU Skylab Innovation Hub will be hosting the DTU Startup Fair, enabling Danish and international startups to exhibit and share their ideas. In addition, Venture Cup has invited 40 of the world’s best university startups to compete for the title as ‘the world’s best’. This year, focus is on the 17 Global Goals.


Expert takes on digitization

At the conference, experts will be giving talks on digitization trends such as Industry 4.0, Big Data, the Internet of Things, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.  Other themes include Sustainable Energy, Environment & Climate, Business Inside Technology, Entrepreneurship, and the Global Goals. The last theme will focus on the UN’s 17 Global Goals and how to address the challenges facing the world using new technology across sectors, while at the same time ensuring a commercial perspective.

Across the various overarching tracks, it will be possible to follow specific topics. This year, you can, for example, pursue the green theme and experience technologies and digital solutions with this particular focus.

You can, for example, learn how it has been possible to reduce energy consumption in the shipping sector by means of an algorithm which can model the optimum utilization of container ship capacity through carefully balancing weight and volume during stowage.

In the field of public transport, DTU researchers will be talking about DTU’s involvement in international partnerships aimed at developing machine learning to ensure that future transport modes adapt to the needs of citizens, thereby saving energy and doing away with queues at the bus stop.

A professional track has been reserved for the theme of water and how digitization can help address some of the challenges facing our global water supply such as water shortages, flooding, and pollution.

The increase in digitization requires a lot of energy as well as more internet capacity, but the internet can also help us to save energy.  Both perspectives are addressed at the conference, which—among other things—will highlight DTU’s cooperation with Aarhus University and 14 industrial partners aimed at increasing the capacity of the internet, while at the same time making it energy-efficient.

Most presentations will be given in English. Attendance is free, but you must register.