Hormonforstyrrende stoffer-cocktaileffekter

Conference on endocrine disrupters

Monday 28 Oct 13


Ulla Hass
Emerita, Professor
National Food Institute


Anne Marie Vinggaard
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 75 49

National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark invites as co-organizer to a international conference on challenges and risk assessment of simultaneous influence of multiple endocrine disruptors. The conference is organized in collaboration with the French Institute for Risk Assessment Anses and equivalent German Institute BfR. Now open for registration.

Humans are exposed to multiple substances in the surrounding environment including food, water, air, soil and consumer goods which is the reason why in the last decades, the possible effects of chemical mixtures on humans and on the environment has become a major concern in many countries across the world.

Both academics and regulatory agencies are increasingly addressing this challenge both in supporting research programmes and developing new methodologies to assess risks as classical chemical risk assessment limitations are well known in this respect because it considers the potential effects of single chemicals.

The conference will address the following questions:

  • Recent and current knowledge on the effects of chemical mixtures on human health taking into consideration the various classes of chemical substances, the different exposure routes and the existing experimental data
  • How should chemical mixtures risks be assessed
  • The sources of uncertainties and main knowledge gaps on which future research should focus;
  • The validity of models to predict combined effects, experimental proof and practical use that can be made of them;
  • Opportunities for risk assessment of chemical mixtures (including the issue of cumulative vs. aggregate risk assessment).

Visit Anses 'website to read more about the conference.


Tuesday, 10 December, to Wednesday, 11 December 2013.


Maison de la RATP
Espace du Centenaire
189 rue de Bercy – 75012 Paris


Online registration for the conference.