Pesticide exposure

Based on results from the pesticide control, the National Food Institute calculates the Danes' exposure to pesticide residues in general and what pesticides and crops that contribute most to the exposure.

See the reports below.


Report: Pesticide Residues in Food on the Danish Market – Results from the period 2012-2017 (pdf). A minor error was identified in the version of the report, which was published on 2 May 2019. This version was updated on 10 May 2019. 

Excel-spreadsheet: Pesticide 2012-2017 Samples on the Danish market (ex organic)

Excel-spreadsheet: Pesticide 2012-2017 Organic samples on the Danish market

Excel-spreadsheet: Pesticide Load 2012-2017 (ex organic)

Excel-spreadsheet: Pesticide Load 2012-2017 Organic


Pesticide Residues - Results from the period 2004-2011 (pdf)


Pesticides. Food monitoring 1998-2003. Part 2 (pdf)


Combined actions of pesticides in food (pdf)
22 JANUARY 2020