Employees in the Food Allergy Research Group

Name Title Ph. E-mail
Anne-Sofie Ravn Ballegaard Anne-Sofie Ravn BallegaardPhD studentanravn@food.dtu.dk
Pernille Bonnor Pernille BonnorMaster Thesis Students144499@student.dtu.dk
Katrine Lindholm Bøgh Katrine Lindholm BøghSenior Researcher, Head of Research Group+45 35 88 70 92kalb@food.dtu.dk
Angela Serrano Dominguez Angela Serrano DominguezMaster Thesis Student (guest)asedom@food.dtu.dk
Katrine Graversen Katrine GraversenPhD studentkatgr@food.dtu.dk
Juliane Margrethe Gregersen Juliane Margrethe GregersenLaboratory technician+45 93 51 88 85jumar@food.dtu.dk
Signe Holst Signe HolstStudent workersihol@adm.dtu.dk
Sofie Emilie Hornslet Sofie Emilie HornsletMaster Thesis Students133528@student.dtu.dk
Nanna Jordahn Kristoffersen Nanna Jordahn KristoffersenMaster Thesis Student (guest)s134044@student.dtu.dk
Ricki Thage Krog Ricki Thage KrogMaster Thesis Student (guest)s134898@student.dtu.dk
Jeppe Madura Larsen Jeppe Madura LarsenResearcher+45 93 51 34 85jeml@food.dtu.dk
Arielle Vallee Locke Arielle Vallee LockeMaster Thesis Student (guest)s183160@student.dtu.dk
Charlotte Bernhard Madsen Charlotte Bernhard MadsenSenior Scientist+45 35 88 75 63charm@food.dtu.dk
Natalia Zofia Maryniak Natalia Zofia MaryniakPhD student+45 50 20 59 23nazoma@food.dtu.dk
Sarah Grundt Simonsen Sarah Grundt Simonsen+45 93 51 89 19sgsi@food.dtu.dk
Stine Marie Stysiek Stine Marie StysiekLaboratory technician Traineesmst@food.dtu.dk
Tiffany Kirkaldy Spaanager Sztuk Tiffany Kirkaldy Spaanager SztukMaster Thesis Student (guest)s123781@student.dtu.dk
Ana Isabel Sancho Vega Ana Isabel Sancho VegaPostdocanasa@food.dtu.dk
Anniek Van de Velde Anniek Van de VeldeMaster Thesis Student (guest)avdvel@food.dtu.dk
17 NOVEMBER 2018