Celebrating the PhD graduates of 2017

Tuesday 31 Oct 17

Researcher Jianming Liu from the National Food Institute received a Young Researcher Award for his recently completed thesis, when some 170 PhD graduates attended the annual PhD Graduation Ceremony at DTU on 27 October 2017.

Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs Philip Binning welcomed the new PhD graduates of 2017 at the annual graduation ceremony on 27 October, before President Anders Bjarklev took to the podium to speak of the exciting careers in science and technology that lie ahead of them.

In his speech President Bjarklev welcomed the new graduates as future colleagues into the world of science and technology, while stressing the importance of their choice of career:

“Today, there is a growing fear of technology and its consequences. Dear doctors, dear engineers, dear colleagues, as you are confronted with the post-factual society, fake news and much more in your future professional lives, please remember that you are front runners leading the way. You must be great ambassadors for DTU, for engineering excellence and for technology. Technology is fundamental to our sustainable future and you must – in a committed manner – showcase and communicate your engineering worth that ultimately being an engineer is about making a difference putting people first.”

Young Researcher Award

During the ceremony, the annual awards for PhD Thesis of the year and PhD supervisor of the year as well as the Young Researcher Award were handed out.

The Young Researcher Award honours young researchers who have made an extraordinary effort and who have great potential for further development. This year, six such awards were handed out and one was presented to researcher Jianmeng Liu from the National Food Institute for his thesis ‘Harnessing the metabolic machinery of Lactococcus lactis for production of biochemicals’. The thesis was completed in September 2017.

Photo: Birgitte Røddik

Also from the National Food Institute, Head of Research Group Terje Svingen was in the running for the PhD supervisor of the year award after being nominated for the award by one of his students. However, the award went to Tejs Vegge from DTU Energy.

During the evening, guests were also able to watch a short video presentation that highlighted the work of PhD graduate Hanna Johansson from the National Food Institute. She has studied the effects of environmental chemicals on female reproductive health.

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Watch the video about PhD graduate Hanna Johansson’s thesis.
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