The National Food Institute conducts research at the highest international level and on important aspects related to food product impact on human health and disease as well as food product quality. The main aim is to help ensure that consumers have access to healthy and safe high-quality food products and to prevent disease in humans related to food products, diet and food contamination.

Activities include the aspects of food products throughout the entire food chain, from primary agricultural production and industrial processing to preparation in the consumer's home, covering a wide range of applications with the focus areas biotechnology, nutrition, food quality, food safety, food technology as well as environment and human health.

The Institute's researchers participate in a diverse network of Danish and international research collaborations with universities, research institutions, international organisations and businesses.

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Scientific advice

The National Food Institute provides scientific advice to the Danish authorities and to international authorities and organisations as well within nutrition, food quality, food safety and environment & health.

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Christine Nellemann
Director of Institute
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 77 03

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