20 NOV

Nils Foss Excellence Prize 2017 Frank Møller Aarestrup

One of Frank M. Aarestrup’s most important contributions has been to map out and prove that the use of antibiotics for animals actually has consequences and that we can...

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07 JAN

Global Sewage Surveillance Project, Technical University of Denmark

This video describes the joint study between the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU Food) (WHO Collaborating...

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05 AUG

What are GM plants?

Ever wondered how or why a genetically modified organism is created? An EFSA expert goes back to basics with GM plants and also talks about the role EFSA plays in evaluating...

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01 JUL

Genotoxic substances can damage DNA. How does science help to keep them out of...

Genotoxic substances can damage DNA, the genetic material of cells. The presence of a single genotoxic molecule can lead to genetic mutations and cause adverse health effects...

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