Vibeke Dybdahl Hammer

Vibeke Dybdahl Hammer

Administrative Co-ordinator

National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

Research Group for Genomic Epidemiology

Technical University of Denmark


Building 204, room 118

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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24 NOV

GMI11 Save-the-date

GMI11 will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 16-18 May 2018.

27 OCT

GMI10 Final Report

The GMI10 Final Report is now available

14 DEC

GMI9 Final Report

The GMI9 Final Report is now available

30 JUN

Join 146 registered members from 31 countries to support the GMI initiative

The Global Microbial Identifier initiative consists of people participating in the annual meetings and/or in the five working groups and the steering committee, and the initiative is deeply dependent on their active involvement. To ensure continuing involvement and progress in the GMI initiative, the steering committee asks everybody...

22 APR

GMI discussions on the juridical and political aspects defining conditions for a global database

Workgroup 1 has drafted a discussion paper to support the discussion about legal aspects to be considered around the GMI initiative and the setting up of a global database.

22 APR

GMI at meetings, seminars and in the media

GMI involvement has been discussed at many different events and other settings. We have generated an overview of GMI in the media and put this on the GMI website for easy access. Please, continue communicating any initiatives and publications involving GMI to add to the list.

22 APR

Overview of GMI media, publications & coverage

We have created a list of publications and coverage on GMI. The list contains internet and social media, websites and printed publications and is by no means complete. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please feel free to contact us.

29 JAN

Horizon 2020 - a funding opportunity for GMI

The European Union (EU) has launched their new research and innovation program, called Horizon 2020. Though the program is EU based, it is open for other countries as well to join. Here are some facts about the program.

29 JAN

Presenting GMI at conferences and meetings

One of the outcomes of the discussions we had at the GMI5 meeting in Copenhagen and at GMI6 at UCDavis was to find meetings and conferences at which we could present GMI. Peter Gerner-Smith and others have taken swift action, and drafted a 3 hour ILSI sponsored symposium on whole genome sequencing for the Annual meeting of the International...