Pilot Plant

The National Food Institute’s Pilot Plant is built as a test facility that offers the opportunity to work with manufacturing processes on various types of machinery used by the industry, only on a smaller scale.

Testing of production processes

Trying out an idea in the Pilot Plant provides important knowledge about and insight into whether or not a process that works in a laboratory can also be implemented on an industrial production scale. Working in the Pilot Plant will also show e.g. whether modifications are necessary in order for the production process to be implemented on a large, industrial scale.

Furthermore the Pilot Plant is used for teaching purposes and students use the facilities for different projects. 

Product development

Businesses are able to cooperate with the Pilot Plant on product development of food, equipment and technologies. This allows businesses to draw on the expertise that exists among the Pilot Plant staff as well as other experts and specialists throughout the Technical University of Denmark.


The Pilot Plant has various pieces of equipment that are permanently operational, including an autoclave and a bakery test oven that simulates the conditions inside a bakery tunnel oven.

The plant also has an industrial wok, which is designed to ensure a controlled process where all ingredients are exposed to sufficient amounts of direct heat at the right time and for long enough. The Pilot Plant has additional equipment at its disposal such as heat exchangers and pumps that can be put together and used when studying a variety of manufacturing processes.

DTU Center for Hygienic Design and the DTU Brewery are both integrated into the Pilot Plant.


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MSc in Engineering
National Food Institute
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11 APRIL 2021