Facilities to grow microalgae

The National Food Institute grows different types of microalgae species, which promotes a strong analytical platform. Within the Institute’s microalgae facility, ten different microalgae strains are growing under the best growth conditions. Here the researchers can work with the entire production chain, right from the growing phase to the final granulate.

Thanks to the facility, it is possible to test what it takes for the different types of algae to achieve the optimum content of Microalgae are growing at the National Food Institute the wanted nutrients so that they can produce new ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids, pigments, and proteins. The aim is that the ingredients can make a positive contribution to the new foods, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals of the future.

The facilities make it possible to work with the microalgae in a very small scale, from small test tubes to large 50 litre tanks. The plant can be upscaled to 4,000 litres, and the National Food Institute has developed a drying facility that can produce microalgae meal, which the researchers can then study.


Charlotte Jacobsen
Professor, Head of Research Group
National Food Institute
+45 23 27 90 75
11 APRIL 2021