Insect facilities

The interest in producing edible insects for both animals and people is increasing. Therefore, the researchers at the National Food Institute are carefully following how insects can become safe to eat and meet the high food safety standards that we know from other foods.

The National Food Institute has special facilities for growing insects. Here it is possible to control the temperature and humidity in the room so that the insects achieve the optimal growth conditions.

Focus on disease-causing bacteria

Growing the insects makes it possible to conduct different studies which shed light on the risk that disease-causing bacteria are spread, as well as how to control this in order to ensure a high level of food safety in the future production of insects.

Until now, mealworms and crickets are the best bet in terms of insects for foods. 

The EU has approved seven types of insects for fish feed: 

  • Black soldier fly
  • Common housefly
  • Yellow mealworm
  • Lesser mealworm
  • House cricket
  • Banded cricket
  • Field cricket.


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Senior Researcher
National Food Institute
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11 APRIL 2021