DTU Brewery

DTU Brewery is working to develop a sustainable brewery based on the latest technologies and multidisciplinary research. It is a hothouse for innovation and new ideas, where students, staff and industry across disciplines can try out new ideas and carry out projects involving all steps in the process from raw material to finished product.

DTU Brewery is a non-profit brewery, which can brew beer from laboratory scale to pilot plant level up to 250 liters. Because of the brewery's size it can produce results that are relevant to the industry.

The focus is on combining and optimizing technologies without compromising on product quality and shelf life.

The DTU Brewery collaborates with small and large breweries in Denmark, as well as associated industries such as enzyme producers. The National Food Institute heads up the brewery.

Interdisciplinary testing of ideas

The brewery makes it possible for students, researchers and industry to test ideas and also makes it possible for students to apply their theoretical knowledge in interdisciplinary research projects with a distinct product in mind.

Because the brewery is located within a university it also provides room to examine the basic principles of the brewing process and to embark on projects that can be commercially risky or not yet economically viable for commercial breweries.

Approved for serving and sale

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration under its Smiley-scheme has given approval for the brewery to brew beer for the purposes of serving and selling as well as to import raw materials. The brewery pays tax on all beer it serves.

The DTU Brewery engages with Danish society through events such as the Culture Night in Copenhagen, and Folkemødet on Bornholm where the brewery gets to meet the public, members of the industry and elected politicians, thereby contributing to awareness of and debate on education, research and innovation.

Read more on the DTU Brewery’s website (available in Danish only).


Timothy John Hobley
Associate Professor
National Food Institute
+4545 25 27 06


Preben Bøje Hansen
Food technologist
National Food Institute
+4545 25 75 17
18 OCTOBER 2019