Sustainable beer from DTU Brewery

DTU Brewery is an incubator for innovation and new thinking at the National Food Institute. The Brewery is working to develop a sustainable brewery based on the latest technologies and interdisciplinary research. 

Students, employees, and the industry are working across disciplines to try out new ideas in practice and to conduct projects that involve all links in the production chain – from raw material to end product.

Non-profit brewery

DTU Brewery is a non-profit brewery, which can brew beer from laboratory scale to test plant level up to 250 litres. 

The size of the brewery makes it possible to create results that are relevant to the industry. Being situated at a university allows for the basic principles of brewing to be explored, and makes it possible to initiate projects that can be commercially risky or not yet financially viable for commercial breweries.

The brewery focuses on minimizing the consumption of resources in the brewing process and on developing new sustainable processes and products. The Brewery can do so by combining and optimizing technologies without compromising on the quality and shelf life of the products.

DTU Brewery collaborates with small and large breweries and with the associated industry such as enzyme manufacturers.

Read more on the DTU Brewery’s website (available in Danish only).


Timothy John Hobley
Associate Professor
National Food Institute
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Preben Bøje Hansen
Food technologist
National Food Institute
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11 APRIL 2021