Database of food nutrient contents

The National Food Institute carries on a very long tradition of publishing tables of the nutrient content of foods on the Danish market. This information is one of the central tools within the area of nutrition science.

Today, the National Food Institute publishes food data online in a mobile-friendly database: Food
Data (Fødevaredata), Here you will find information about energy and nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, and carbohydrates) in more than 1,000 foods. The database is intended to reflect the food supply in Denmark.

Search on your own

Users can search information on their own in Food Data (Fødevaredata). They can also download data onto their own computer so they can continue working with the data from there. The database is particularly interesting for people who work with nutrition professionally.

The experiences from the analytical work suggest that the nutritional content in foods is generally
stable. For example, the nutritional content in eggs has hardly changed over the past 50 years. This shows that just because data are old, they are not necessarily obsolete.

Access the database here:


Tue Christensen
Senior adviser
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 75 30
11 APRIL 2021