Bio Facility

Animal testing facilities help produce important knowledge.
When computer calculations and cell-based test methods on their own do not provide the knowledge needed, the National Food Institute has animal testing facilities at its disposal. Here, the researchers collect information on harmful or beneficial effects of dietary factors, chemical substances, and microorganisms, including genetically modified microorganisms.

The studies support the Institute’s work within the area of food safety and the health-related effects of chemical substances which we are exposed to in our daily lives.

The animal testing facilities include a number of ordinary animal rooms with the opportunity to house smaller test animals such as rats and mice. In insulators, the researchers can handle germ-free mice (mice born without any gut bacteria) or work with dangerous substances. Moreover, the Institute has room for behavioural testing, dissection rooms, and various auxiliary rooms for feed manufacturing, cage washing, etc.

The animal testing facilities also conduct animal experiments for other departments at DTU, other research institutions, and companies.

Since 1 September 2019, the animal testing facilities at DTU are gathered in DTU’s new joint centre, Bio Facility, which is anchored under the National Food Institute.



Sanne Gram-Nielsen
Head of Centre
National Food Institute
+45 91 37 00 90
11 DECEMBER 2019