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18 JUL

Surplus mussles turned into sustainable feed

Mussles that are too small to sell as food for humans are turned into sustainable, organic animal feed in a project at the National Food Institute, Technical University...

Food, fish and agriculture Fish and shellfish Food technology
28 NOV

Development of omega-3-containing ingredients wins innovation award

A business idea where by-products from the fishing industry are transformed into valuable ingredients full of omega-3 fish oils, has won the innovation competition at...

Food, fish and agriculture Fish and shellfish Food production Health-promoting compounds
08 SEP

The oceans are overflowing with plastic

Plastic waste in the world’s oceans is an environmental problem that is gaining increasing global attention. At DTU, researchers are investigating the problem.

Marine research Aquaculture Fish and shellfish
04 SEP

Salmon contain health-promoting bioactive peptides

By-products from salmon production contain bioactive peptides which among other things could have a positive effect on hypertension, type 2 diabetes and oxidative stress...

Food safety Health-promoting compounds Enzymes and proteins Fish and shellfish Food quality Food production
19 MAY

PhD defence on bioactive peptides

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, invites you to Susan Skanderup Falkenberg’s PhD defence on discovering and characterising novel bioactive...

Health-promoting compounds Nutrition and dietary habits Food quality Fish and shellfish
18 NOV

PhD defence on wound healing in fish

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark invites to Jacob Günther Schmidt’s PhD defence on, which effects tissue damage in fish produced in aquaculture...

Food quality Aquaculture Fish and shellfish Food, fish and agriculture
05 MAR

PhD defence on the prevention of diseases in fish larvae

The National Food Institute invites to Paul D’Alvise’s PhD defence on use of probiotics to prevent disease in marine fish larvae. The defence takes place 18 March 2013...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Food safety Food, fish and agriculture Aquaculture Fish and shellfish Production animals


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