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05 MAR

Course in inspection of food and biotech processes

Get up-to-date basic information about what teams responsible for processes in the food industry must take into account when a process line is being built or reconstructed...

Food production Food safety Food technology Biotechnology and biochemistry
01 FEB

Predicting the shelf-life of cottage cheese

New mathematical models that predict the growth of listeria and lactic acid bacteria in different types of cottage cheese can be used by producers to determine the shelf...

Food safety Food production Mathematical modelling Bacteria and microorganisms
06 NOV

Less nitrite in meat products reduces the levels of nitrosamines

The less nitrite added to processed meat, the lower the levels of potentially carcinogenic nitrosamines formed in the products. The formation of nitrosamines can be reduced...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Food quality Food production
12 OCT

Invitation to professor Egon Bech Hansen’s inaugural lecture

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, is hosting professor Egon Bech Hansen’s inaugural lecture on Friday 31 October 2014. Egon Bech Hansen will...

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04 SEP

Salmon contain health-promoting bioactive peptides

By-products from salmon production contain bioactive peptides which among other things could have a positive effect on hypertension, type 2 diabetes and oxidative stress...

Food safety Health-promoting compounds Enzymes and proteins Fish and shellfish Food quality Food production
24 JUL

New methods of detecting Salmonella in pork meat processing

Infections caused by foodborne microorganisms are an increasing public health burden. In a PhD project at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Food production Health and diseases Bacteria and microorganisms
30 JUN

Danish efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance inspire in the U.S. Congress

Denmark’s systematic and scientific strategy to combat antimicrobial resistance in food production has been on the agenda at a briefing in the U.S. Congress. At the briefing...

Food safety Bacteria and microorganisms Food production
16 JUN

Continuous improvement of the Danish food safety system

The Danish food safety system bases itself on independent scientific work, which is now provided by Technical University of Denmark, explains Director of Institute Jørgen...

Food safety Food production
27 APR

Lactic acid bacteria inhibit Salmonella bacteria’s disease potential

When lactic acid bacteria are used in salami production to ferment and extend the shelf life of salamis, they also help inhibit Salmonella bacteria’s ability to cause disease...

Food safety Food production Bacteria and microorganisms


News from the National Food Institute
25 JANUARY 2020