Risk assessments

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04 JUL

Special topic portal on risk-benefit assessments of food

A new special topic portal showcases the National Food Institute’s research within the area of risk-benefit assessments of food’s beneficial and harmful health...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Health-promoting compounds Health and diseases
Photo: National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
10 APR

Better methods for integrated assessment of food

Quantitative methods for assessing food and estimating disease burden are significant for understanding the combined effect of hazardous and beneficial substances in food...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Bacteria and microorganisms Food quality Food safety Food production Health-promoting compounds Nutrition and dietary habits
Ph.D. defence on method development in risk-benefit assessment
10 MAR

Ph.D. defence on method development in risk-benefit assessment

The National Food Institute invites you to Firew Lemma Berjia’s Ph.D. defence on method development in risk-benefit assessment and burden of disease estimation of...

Health-promoting compounds Food safety
13 MAY 2021