Risk assessments

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28 MAR

Drawing inspiration from One Health surveillance initiatives

A new catalogue describes experiences of collaboration across sectors in the surveillance of zoonotic bacteria from ten countries. This creates an opportunity for other...

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31 JAN

Join a conference on food safety and whole genome sequencing

An international conference will be held on 26-28 March 2019 in Paris with a focus on how the use of whole genome sequencing can increase food safety, help prevent disease...

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Photo: National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
18 JAN

Global figures for the burden of foodborne disease

Every year one in ten people around the world gets sick from food they eat and 420,000 die as a result. This is the finding of a report from the World Health Organization...

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03 FEB

Ranking the risk of disease from microorganisms in fresh produce

The risk of getting a foodborne infection from fresh fruit and vegetables in Denmark is highest from consumption of berries, lettuce, sprouts, tomato and melon. This is...

Food safety Bacteria and microorganisms
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02 FEB

Predicting the shelf-life of cottage cheese

New mathematical models that predict the growth of listeria and lactic acid bacteria in different types of cottage cheese can be used by producers to determine the shelf...

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Photo: National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark
10 APR

Better methods for integrated assessment of food

Quantitative methods for assessing food and estimating disease burden are significant for understanding the combined effect of hazardous and beneficial substances in food...

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Faster diagnosis and treatment possible
18 DEC

Faster diagnosis and treatment possible

Danish researchers from National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, DTU Systems Biology and Hvidovre Hospital have demonstrated how—within the space...

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25 JULY 2021