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Come to a seminar on sustainable ingredients

Wednesday 23 Jan 19


Charlotte Jacobsen
Professor, Head of Research Group
National Food Institute
+45 23 27 90 75


Henning Høgh Jensen
Head of Division
National Food Institute
+45 40 25 12 22

Come to a seminar on 8 April and hear how research into sustainable ingredients from the Technical University of Denmark is helping to increase Denmark’s position of strength in this area.

Even though ingredients such as aromas, emulsifiers and antioxidants make up a very small part of our foods, they can make a big difference to e.g. how foods taste as well as their texture and shelf life. Denmark is an important player on the world market for ingredients and Danish companies account for 14% of the market overall.

In December 2018, the Danish government’s Growth Team for the Ingredients Industry published its recommendations regarding the ways in which the industry can strengthen this position. Among other things, the team recommended the development of a sustainable raw materials supply as well as a focus on ingredients that contribute to health and provide nutrition. 

The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, carries out research related to the development of healthy, safe and sustainable ingredients from unused biomasses such as microalgae and seaweed, and from the food industry’s many sidestreams such as pulp from the production of potato flour and juice, and trimmings from the processing of fish.

At a seminar on 8 April, the institute will give an insight into some of the many, exciting research projects its researchers are working on and some of the innovative ideas for new ingredients, which the institute has developed. The seminar will also give examples of the institute’s endeavours to extract protein and oil from new biomasses.

The presentations are grouped under three themes:

  • Microalgae as new biomass for feed 
  • New ingredients from seaweed
  • Valorisation of sidestreams

There will also be time for refreshments and networking.


Monday 8 April 2019 from 13–17.


First floor, meeting room 1
Anker Engelundsvej 1
Building 101A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby


The seminar, which will be conducted in English, is free of charge. Deadline for registrations is over.

You can also download the programme for the seminar from the National Food Institute’s website.