Hearing Systems Presentation Day

Thursday 19 Nov 20


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 77
Like previously, the researchers from the Hearing Systems Section held the annually Presentation Day on November 13. However, due to the Corona situation, the format of the meeting was a bit different this year. But despite of the limitations in conducting the event online, the afternoon turned out to be a success.

125 people tuned in on this year’s Presentation Day, this time on Zoom media. Torsten Dau, Head of Hearing Systems, gave an overview of this year’s major activities and news. Torsten thanked all colleagues in the network for the fine collaboration in the various projects and their interest in Hearing Systems’ research and activities. Throughout the afternoon, seven talks and sixteen posters were presented by the young researchers in the group. The talks were organized in three sessions: “Audiology and hearing rehabilitation”, “Computational modeling of natural sound processing” and “Perception and Virtual sound environments and multi-sensory listening”. The posters covered a large variety of topics and were realized as parallel break-out sessions. Even though the ‘networking’ element of the meeting was probably less intense than it would have been at a physical meeting, the feedback from many participants, alumni and collaboration partners regarding the format of the online event and the scientific content was very positive. After the scientific part, it was possible to connect socially  in “Gather Town”, a video calling space.

Above: One of the PhD presentations Naim Mansour: The effect of hearing aid signal processing on speech intelligibility in a realistic virtual sound environment
Below: Virtual group photo arranged by Axel Ahrens.

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Hearing Systems is strongly supported by hearing aid industry, public and private foundations as well as DTU.
Read more about the Hearing Systems here and the PhD projects here

20 APRIL 2021