Research is important for maintaining Denmark’s position in the ingredients market

Friday 03 May 19


Christine Nellemann
Director of Institute
National Food Institute
+45 35 88 77 03

The Danish government has invested in initiatives—including more research—aimed at expanding the country’s position of strength in the global ingredients market. The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, is conducting research to develop new, sustainable ingredients in order to secure enough food for the world’s growing population.

Despite its modest size, Denmark is a powerhouse in the ingredients market. In total, Danish companies account for an export of approximately 26.6 billion Danish kroner (DKK) in total.

In order to secure an important role for Denmark in the ingredients market in the future, the Government has allocated 25 million DKK to 14 new initiatives. The initiatives aim to support the export of ingredients and to attract more foreign investments—among other things through more research into more sustainable ingredients that can contribute to the production of healthier foods.

The National Food Institute conducts research to develop new and innovative ingredients based on sustainable raw materials and technological solutions for use in the production of healthy and safe foods for the growing global population.

The institute's experts also help the authorities identify where more knowledge is needed to change regulations—for example in order to make it possible to utilize more of the food industry’s by-products in the production of healthy and safe ingredients and foods.

The Government set aside the 25 million DKK as a follow-up to the recommendations that it received in January 2019 from its Growth Team for the Ingredients Industry of which Director of Institute Christine Nellemann from the National Food Institute is a member. 

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A report released on 1 May 2019 by the Government lays out the 14 new initiatives. The report is available for download in Danish only: Regeringsstrategi for ingredienser
17 APRIL 2021