Diagnostics and analysis

Dianova offers diagnostics and advosory services on behalf of National Food Institute, Tecnical University of Denmark. 

Dianova was established in March 2006 in order to commercialise services and further develop the institute's innovation activities. Dianova consists of a sales and marketing unit, a unit for biological products and a greenhouse for innovation and development.

Dianova carries out sales, marketing and innovation activities on behalf of national Food Institute. They provide top-quality know-how, advisory services and laboratory analyses within the institute's areas of research.

Find out more about our commercial activities: Dianova.

Several of the procedures at the National Food Institute are accreditted at The Danish Accreditation and Metrology Fund DANAK.


Dianova - Food Safety & Animal Insight
Brendstrupgårdsvej 102
8200 Århus N
Phone: +45 35 88 50 00
E-mail:  dianova@dianova.dk

17 FEBRUARY 2019